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chelleshock ([personal profile] chelleshock) wrote2010-10-05 10:19 pm

trance music ?

 as in, for trance work, not trance the genre. this is probably a long shot but does anyone know where I could download a 30 minute track sort of like this, but without the vocals? (I mean, I have the non-live version of the song on my iPod, but that should give you the idea.) I have one drumming track, but it's so fast and "light"/shallow sounding that I just find it more distracting than anything else. something more like the Call of the Nymph would be PERFECT, I think. 

thaaaanks for any help. 
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A good one to try, imo, is Mother Destruction. There are some vocals, but they're mostly for effect.

I don't know how much vocal is too much for you, but Stellamara is in a somewhat similar style to the song you linked, but with less "lyric" to their vocals - it's mostly just sound. The only thing with them is that they have a more Middle Eastern sound.