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So this was going to just be an account for leaving comments but I think it may be useful after all, since I need a place to write and sort out spiritual-y things.

In any case, here's a (very brief) overview of me and how I got to where I am currently.

I'm 22 years old and living in Austin, TX with my husband (yes, I know I married young) and our two cats, who I love to death even though they're terrible little shits sometimes.

I first became interested in...weird? (wyrd, haha) things at a very young age. In second grade, I wanted to check out a certain book at the elementary school library- I remember it as being about superstitions, my mom swears it had "witchcraft" in the title somewhere. The librarian told me it was too hard for me, which, true to form, pissed me off, so I told my parents; my dad got her to admit that it was the subject matter and not the reading level. He told her to let them worry about the subject matter (go dad!) and I got to read the book. And then I got sent home from school two days later with a note saying I was teaching the other kids witchcraft symbols on the playground and that I needed to stop.

I started seeing spirits in third grade. I grew up in the woods, and I've always had a thing for trees; I remember talking to them. I wish I could live in the forest again. I did go to church with my paternal grandparents for a while and was baptized into the LDS church, but it didn't stick (and I don't think it was destined to). I remember asking my grandma, "If God is our Heavenly Father, is Mother Nature our Heavenly Mother?" and she was like "What?!". Heh. Anyways, with my burgeoning internet skillz I eventually came across modern witchcraft and paganism when I was like...11? 12-ish? and it immediately struck a chord with me. I was sort of a vaguely eclectic pagan/witch until...fifteen?ish when I struck out on an Egyptian reconstruction/revival sort of path. That lasted until eighteen or nineteen, when the Egyptian gods suddenly became very very quiet and then handed me over to the northern European gods/pushed me to heathenism. So that's where I was for a while, before getting fed up with the massive amounts of fuckery in the heathen community, and now my title of choice is "witch". I don't like to refer to myself as a reconstructionist but I do do a lot of research.

The deity I'm closest to at the moment is Perchta, and you can see my essay on her here if ya like. I'm very curious about the Baltic and Slavic deities and feeling tugs from a few of them as well.

HMM so much for very brief. 

Other entries will be friends-only, but I'm leaving this one open so that you can get an idea of who I am and what I'm about. I'm intending to use this journal to muse out spiritual ideas and record experiences, so that they don't get fuzzy with time and loss of memory. If you want in, let me know. Thanks! 

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Woah, how'd you make this a sticky post? :o

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Very cool, thank you :D


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